In a universe full of mysteries and wonders, there are those who are brave enough to seek out the truth. Meet the Vreden siblings: three members of an unusual family who are on a quest that will take them to the very edge of the cosmos.

From the desolate wastelands of barren planets to the shimmering cities of ancient civilizations, they will Journey to worlds beyond our wildest imaginations. With every step they take, the dangers grow greater, and the mysteries deeper.

What secrets lie hidden in the depths of space? What marvels await those who dare to explore the hidden secrets of our planet? The Vreden siblings will find out, as they encounter wonders beyond measure and dangers beyond comprehension.

As they Journey ever further from home, they will uncover the secrets of the universe and the true nature of our place in it. And with each new discovery, they will grow stronger, wiser, and more determined to succeed.

But the Journey is not without it’s perils. There are those who would stop them at any cost, and enemies lurk in the shadows at every turn. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their path, or will they fall to the darkness that threatens to engulf them?

The HIS STORY OF THE WORLD series is the epic tale of this Journey. An otherworldly story of adventure, wonder, and the triumph of the human spirit over the unknown. 

Join them on their Journey, and discover the secrets of the universe for yourself.