Imagine a doorway to a universe where people have magical powers.

Discover ancient knowledge through
a journey into the past and future.







Enter El, a universe of endless wonder and mysteries. Explore the hidden realms of our planet by lifting the veil and delving into the secrets that lie beyond.


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The First Creator

The first book of the HIS STORY OF THE WORLD series, The First Creator, is finally here!


Explore the captivating and enchanting mythologies of African cultures. Unveil the untold stories of the world’s creation, its enchanted realms, and mystical beings that have been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world and Join author Gerald Vreden on a journey filled with adventure and mystery. Get your copy now!


Let’s unravel our world’s legends and secrets.

Join the Vreden siblings on their incredible journey into the past and future

Graphic Novel

Explore unseen worlds in our upcoming graphic novel

Get ready for some new storylines and incredible backstories


We’re gearing up to develop a brand new animation series. Get ready for an amazing new experience! Keep an eye out for your next journey into the unknown


Save the date! Join us on October 7th in the Netherlands as we celebrate HIS STORY OF THE WORLD with the release of our Dutch translated novel. Ensure your copy is reserved by pre-ordering today and don’t miss out on this exciting event.


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